Wednesday, September 20, 2006

Credit Improving 

Well, I finally took a day off from work so I could contact the credit reporting company I got my nightmarish free credit report from in February.

When our mortgage broker was checking our reports to determine if he'd preapprove us, he called me up to let me know that there were items in my report that were clear even to him were not me. For instance, he doubted I could be living in both Massachusetts and Texas simultaneously. He was very nice, and emailed me the combined report he had and let me go through and just let him know which items weren't me.

So armed with all this information, I called the agency today (you can only call between 9 and 5, Monday through Friday, in whatever time zone you live). There was a lot of key punching, holding, and being transferred to a couple of agents, but finally I got the Special Situations agent, who after asking for my social security number, responded that he's guessing I'm not any of the five Betty's that were listed, with two additional socials. I confirmed, he moved all those items over to the Betty reports, then went through each and every address, phone number, employer and spouse listed in the personal information, and removed all those that weren't mine. Back on hold, then he came back and went through all the account information that he had removed from mine and foysted back to the Betties.

Took my email address, and estimated that it will only take a couple of days for my notification that everything is squared away, since they were all internal moves.

Wow, I was braced for months of back and forth. On to the next free credit report...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:10 PM