Monday, September 04, 2006

The Palm is Dead, Long Live the Palm 

I dropped my dear and faithful Palm Tungsten C on its head last week. It was in its nice padded leather case, but it managed to strike the floor on its Achilles Hell in the upper left corner, and the picture here is the result.

Palm will repair displays, but it costs almost as much as buying a brand new, topper of the line model. Guess which road I chose?

I now have a Palm T│X with 100MB internal memory. It also has wi-fi, Bluetooth (although my phone's bluetooth is only headset operable), and an MP3 player.

While I was at it, I took another action to drag The Girl into the tech age by picking her up an entry level Palm Z22. She's away golfing this weekend, so I got it all set up for her and loaded with lots of information. She won't have to be intimidated by getting it working - all she'll have to do is use it. One program I really like and have installed on both is SplashShopper. It's basically a list maker. You have different types of lists (groceries, clothes, travel, movies, etc.) with standard items and those you add as your own standards. Then you just check the box for the things you need, and you can then view them separately in the Need view. Once you get the item, you uncheck it and it goes back into the standard but not needed right now category. But the REALLY cool thing is that we can beam our Needed lists back and forth between our two Palms.

I don't know about you, but grocery shopping is a negotiated issue in our house. I'm hoping this well make things easier. Plus like I said - how cool is that? They also have a SplashMoney program, which I'm trying out on mine. It's like Quicken, only more streamlined and I can update it on the Palm.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:12 PM