Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Student Health Insurance - Again 

All students at New England School of Law must have health insurance.  If you have your own insurance, you have to submit a form stating this and including your policy information.  Otherwise you get automatically enrolled in the Aetna student plan and the bill goes on your first semester's statement from Student Accounts (along with tuition and fees). 

I've been fully insured during my entire time, so I've submitted the forms.  First two years, no problems.  Then last fall I received early in the semester a little welcome letter from Aetna.  I figured the forms crossed in the mail and there wouldn't be a problem.  Then around November I got a letter from Student Accounts showing that my payment plan I had set up would fall short – I didn't include the $1200 for the student insurance.  So I marched on down there (which involved leaving work early so I could get there during business hours) and explained the situation.  They gave me a second form to fill out – this one was for a request for special late exemption, and required that I include my reason for why I didn't file the original form in a timely fashion.  Aetna then has the option of accepting or rejecting the application for exemption.  I wrote that I did file it, but that the school apparently lost it.  They accepted it, as they did for at least three other people in my class who went through the exact same thing.  Until we discovered that this had happened to more than one of us, we each had been thinking, "I thought I sent it, but maybe I didn't…"  After we found safety in  numbers, we chalked it up to administrative error.

So this year when my opt out form arrived, I promptly filled it out, sent it in, and announced to The Girl that I had sent it in, so there would be no doubting myself if this happened again. 

My Aetna letter arrived on Saturday, welcoming me to the student insurance plan.  Guess where I'm going this afternoon?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:38 AM