Friday, September 22, 2006

Whirlwind Week One 

We're on an accelerated timeframe for this whole house buying adventure, as the sellers are moving to Texas and we're in a month-to-month rental situation.  They want to get out of Dodge and we have the flexibility to accommodate.  So we went to an open house on Sunday, got started with our buyer's agent (The Girl's Brother) and a mortgage agent, lined up an attorney and got our offer together.  By 11:00 pm (yes, pm) Tuesday, we had reached an agreement with the sellers.  Biggest Sister and Agent Brother did heroes' work of keeping everything calm and in perspective.

Wednesday and Thursday was a maelstrom of calls, emails, online research, questions, answers, more questions, scheduling and on and on. 

But since the end of the workday yesterday, it all seems to have settled down.  When I went to bed last night I felt nearly giddy as there had been no anxiety-producing house issues for several hours. 

We're locked in to a nice fixed interest rate, no points, we've got our attorney and she's approved the documents thus far, our home inspection is lined up for Wednesday afternoon, our employers are cool with accommodating the various times we need to be out of the office, P&S signing is next Friday.  Then it's a month of weeding out stuff and packing.  We have our apartment until November 30 and closing is November 1, so we have time to get the house ready before our target moving date of November 18, and then we'll also have a bit of time to go back and uber clean the apartment, patch up the nail holes in the walls, etc. 

I was even settled down enough this morning at home to go online and start research snowblowers, lawnmowers, hedge trimmers, etc.  

So as I mentioned above, the home inspection is Wednesday.  We'll be bringing our cameras, so look for some pics.  I'm going to draw out a floor plan from what I remember and we'll be bringing measuring tapes, so we can get readings on all the rooms and start planning the furniture placements.  Perhaps I'll scan and post those as well, just to share the excitement!  Okay, so it's exciting for us, and you all can get your amusement from how geeky we are.  Works for everyone!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:36 AM