Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Good News on the Home Repair Front 

We got our quotes for the big "need to fix" items for the house, and the total is a lot less than we feared, especially given the issue with the sills on nine windows.  The total is just under $2500.  We still have to get a quote from the chimney sweep, but the contractor did give us his estimate for the chimney work.  Once the sweep comes out tomorrow, we'll be checking with the sellers to see if they're willing to pay for at least some of the repairs (especially the windows, since they hyped the "new windows" aspect but it's going to cost us $1350 to fix their new windows).  Between you and me, this is such a low number that if it comes down to it we can just eat it as a cost of home ownership, but we thought it was worth throwing out to see if they nibble a bit. 

I'll feel much better once it's settled and we've all signed the P&S, which is due by Friday.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:24 AM