Thursday, October 05, 2006

Write It Up, Mildred! 

We've ironed out all the needed repairs with the seller.  They've already fixed the master bathroom vent so it's venting through the roof (rather than having the duct simply lie on the insulation in the attic…), replaced the rotted woodwork at a corner of the kitchen slider, had the furnace serviced, fixed the nonworking burner on the stove and have had new electrical outlets installed for the garage door openers (no more extension cords across the ceiling).  They are also doing the chimney and damper repairs (we're adding the weather cap and down the road will have a new liner put in – cha-ching).  The chimney work will need to be put into the P&S as a condition.  AND they're crediting us $750 towards fixing the windows and siding – also need to adjust the P&S for this.

We're booking the contractor for the windows and a couple of little things we're taking care of, so the work can be done between closing and move-in, and we're getting the details to our attorney (Mildred) for the P&S changes. 

Signing the P&S tomorrow!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:03 AM