Saturday, November 18, 2006

The Big Day! 

The big day has finally arrived, and we'll be leaving the apartment and the trashy neighbors and their adolescent thugs, and movin' on up to the north side. Spackling is done and the packing is done except for some electronics. The Girl is up, we're both showered (note the time of this post, and it's Saturday, and there's no golf involved) and ready to go. I'm hitting the electronics (no Battlestar Galactica for me until the tv's are hooked up at the new place), and The Girl is heading out to procure us some breakfast and coffee beverages. McDonald's Newman's Own for The Girl, Starbucks eggnogg latte for me. Yum!

The cell phone is charging, so I'll post up some moving day progress photos throughout the many-hours long event. We have a binding estimate with the movers, so if it goes over their estimated 10 hours, our cost doesn't go up. They arrive at 8:30, so hopefully we'll be done by 6:30 this evening. Then it's off to a fondue restaurant for yesterday's birthday!

Signing off from the awful neighborhood forever...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:35 AM