Thursday, November 16, 2006

Home Depot - Supervised Visits Only 

The Girl has declared once and for all that she's never going to Home Depot by herself again.  She bravely volunteered to go at lunch today, despite multiple past frustrating experiences, to pick up some spackle and a small putty knife for the various nail and screw holes in our rented walls.  I convinced her, in good faith, that these were very common items and anyone in the store could tell her just where to find them.  Turns I was sort of right.  Four different people told her just where to find them.  Of course, they each had a different answer, and the answers weren't as clear as they perhaps thought.  The two she relayed to me made sense – one sent her to sheetrock and one sent her to paint.  She couldn’t find it in sheetrock, and then it turned out that paint is a four aisle section, but she finally found a little kit there. 

So she got the items, and now I can go around and slap a little cover up on all the wall blemishes before tomorrow evening, when the landlord is coming by.  Then we can focus on the discussion of the security deposit and the final month's rent.  The property management company guy tried to convince The Girl that we weren't getting our security deposit back because we had not prepaid the final month's rent, so our security deposit went to that.  Of course, they didn't say anything six weeks ago when we sent October's rent along with a detailed letter explaining our recollection of events.  So last night we went home and sure enough, there's our rental agreement that we've kept safe for the last three and a half years, and there's the summary of payments.  At the time of signing, we paid a half month for first month's rent (we moved in on the 15th), a full month for final month's rent, and a half month for security deposit.  She rang him right back and left a message about this.  Funny, he hasn't called back to apologize.  But we've got the signed paperwork, so we'll be looking for 3.5 years' interest on the final month's rent, plus return of the security deposit plus interest after the landlord signs off on the condition of the place (which is better than when we moved in). 

This morning I loaded the kitties up for the Meow Express to my parents house for safekeeping during the scary move, then I drove over to the house to load a cooler's worth of frozen items from the apartment freezer.  My mom has applied lovely light colored marble print shelf liners to the kitchen shelves and drawers, and my dad has done all sorts of little things, including building a whole new drawer to fix the one the sellers broke.  The trunk from hell has been sifted through and the surviving items are packed, and the contents of both our desks are boxed up.  Still have to get the speakers off the walls and pack up the electronics, and also the remaining pantry goods, and that's pretty much it!  Tic-tock – less than two days to go…

Posted by Beth Henderson at 1:45 PM