Tuesday, November 14, 2006

Kitchen (mostly) Done, Trunk Tonight 

Last evening The Girl continued the packing up of the kitchen, then I continued the continuance after I got home from class around 9:30. I finally gave up and went to bed around 11:30, but by that point all the upper cabinets were packed and drawers were packed, along with the stand mixer (my god that thing's heavy) and assorted small pans, strainers, tea (I used that to pack around the stand mixer) and all the stuff from the bulletin board that is the refrigerator. You know, the thousands of magnets and little scraps of paper (okay, I threw out lots of the scraps of paper). I think of all of it, clearing off the fridge made the biggest impact. What's left are the ongoing use items and the food.

On deck for tonight: The Girl will pack her desk and barrister's cabinet, and I will weed through and pack up the trunk from hell. This is an antique, brass plated, round-topped steamer trunk that The Girl's mom gave me, and it's stuffed full of, well, my junk. Shorts that are too small, goalie equipment, photo albums that have yet to be loaded with photos, VCR tapes, audio cassettes (no eight tracks…), etc. Middle Sister peeked into it while she was packing the rest of the basement, consulted with her friend and they both decided that I would have to do this one myself.

Tomorrow: I will take down the speakers that are attached to the walls and pack up any non-Tivo related electronics. DVD players, VCR (for Julie's drumming videos – she also has drumming DVD's), printer, scanner, etc. The Tivos and cable boxes have to stay intact until Saturday morning, so the Friday night shows will record. Can't miss Battlestar Galactica!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:04 AM