Monday, November 13, 2006

Massive Packing 

Big, big progress on the packing front this weekend, thanks to the generous efforts of Middle Sister and her friends (the same ones that visited Biggest Sister and me at the Wellness Village during the Avon Walk this year).  The guest room is now a wall of boxes (pictures to be uploaded later) of both our clothes, books and tchotchkes from the upstairs rooms.  We also put out three more bags of clothing for the Vietnam Veterans Association this morning, plus 5 boxes and several bags of discards to the curb for trash pickup today.  The basement is fully packed and stacked, including all the shelving units being disassembled, with the shelves in a stack and the connectors in a well-marked box.  Some sculptures, various bits of athletic and beach equipment (field hockey sticks, tennis rackets, beach table) and the remaining dining room chairs have been transported to the house, just about everything that was attached to the walls has been taken down (shelves, spice racks, CD cases, etc.), the cabinet doors have been reinstalled in the kitchen and the missing hardware has been attached to the lower cabinets.  No, they're still not painted.

Still to go: take down the speakers from the walls (6 altogether) along with all the wire, finish taking down the office shelves, pack our desk contents, finish off the kitchen, and spackle in all the nail holes in the walls.

Countdown to the big move: FIVE DAYS!  The movers will be arriving Saturday morning around 9:00.

We're hoping the management company can meet us at the apartment Sunday afternoon, as we're going back Sunday midday to do the final post-move cleaning.  Then once they've approved the condition in writing (we want our security deposit back), we'll return the keys and we're done with the place!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:21 AM