Saturday, November 04, 2006

MPRE - Done 

Today I took the Multistate Professional Responsibility Exam, aka the MPRE, aka The Ethics Test. In Massachusetts you have to have passed this exam before you can take the bar exam. So yeah, kind of important. I've managed to squeeze in a Barbri review class and some practice exams, in between work, school, Saturday bar review classes and buying a house. Little things. So off I went bright and early to Boston College Law School, one of the Massachusetts testing sites. I got there nice and early, and it said the exam was at 9:00 am. About 8:15 I went in, only to discover that the check-in process would begin at 9:00. Since we couldn't have anything with us, I wasn't about to sit in big room with nothing to do but stare at the walls, so back out to the car to listen to NPR. Then back in at 8:45. There I discovered a few NESL classmates among all the many, many test takers, so we chatted until 9:00, when the proctors informed everyone that we had to gather our stuff and go out into the hall so we could check in with our admission tickets (including 2x2 photograph) and IDs. Then we were pointed to specific seats by another proctor.

Okay, I've got my seat, I've got my admission ticket, I've got my four sharpened number two pencils, and they're handing out the bubble sheets. Oh crap. I left my fleece jacket on my seat when they originally sheparded us out to check back in and be assigned different seats. My keys are in my fleece jacket. Oh crap. Where's my jacket? Is that it on the half wall at the back of the room where everyone had to put all their stuff? Maybe the proctors swept the room when they cleared us out. Yeah, that's probably it. How will I get it back when I'm done? I guess I could just go to that jacket when I'm done, but what if it's not mine? I guess I'll just tell the proctors. I'm such a space cadet.

This is what was going through my head all during this exam that I have to take and pass before I can take the bar. Nice.

Then the little proctor boy starts reading the instructions for the bubble sheets, but he's only pausing like 10 seconds between each section, and I've got nine bubbles to fill in for my last name alone, plus now we also have to fill in a little rectangle for every blank space, so everyone's got to fill in a whole bunch of bubbles and boxes, and I keep hitting the one instead of the zero on my zip code and social security number because the zero's at the bottom instead of at the top even though zero is lower than one - Dude, slow down!!!

I finally caught up, but clearly I wasn't the only one who fell behind because when we got to the instructions about the back of the sheet, some other woman raised her hand and asked where the booklet number is that has a set of five boxes on the back in which we're supposed to write it, but the exam number on the front of the exam is six digits, and the proctor boy looked annoyed like, "Christ, I already instructed you on that, weren't you listening? You expect to be admitted to the bar and you can't even follow a freaking instruction?" and then pointed out (apparently again) that this is the tiny little number at the top of the booklet, above the bar code. Well maybe if you had stopped long enough to let us fill in the seven thousand bubbles on the front of the sheet we would have heard you when you were pointing out where to find all the tiny little reference numbers.

And where's my jacket? I need my keys! Oh, time to start the test. At 9:45.

11:15 and I'm done. I think one or two people finished ahead of me. Back to the back of the room, hope it's my jacket - yay! Oops - proctor boy is flagging me back. I forgot to sign the bottom of the bubble sheet, because I was so eager to get on with my life. Which today meant the first post-closing visit to OUR NEW HOUSE!!!!!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:13 PM