Thursday, December 28, 2006

Post Christmas Progress 

We threw a party on Saturday. This was about one month after we moved in, so it gave us motivation to get things unpacked, windows treated, knick-knacks arranged, etc. We really put it into gear, and the place looked great and just about fully settled-in (except for the seven boxes carefully stacked in my office). Trouble is, after that we haven't felt like doing a damn thing. We had a total day of lethargy Christmas Eve. We ate party leftovers, since neither of us had been able to eat much during the actual party, hung out in our jammies and watched DVDs all day until it was time to go out to the movies. Sadly, this trend has continued into the week. Our dishes are stacking up, we've gotten take out a couple of times, the Christmas presents are still piled on the coffee table - you get the idea.

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday (until the take out Chinese food arrived...), in that we picked up the kitchen somewhat, set up The Girl's new printer and at least neatly arranged the pile of Christmas gifts on the coffee table. We then resumed the nip/tuck marathon.
Perhaps this evening I'll get my new Sirius satellite radio from The Girl all hooked up - both car and home docking stations! Plus she included gift cards to use for the cost of a year's subscription.

Yesterday we also hit a milestone - we made our first mortgage payment - whoo-hoo! Actually, it's kind of cool in that they at least have an online system so we can just submit our payments (along with additional principal payment, of course) and have it done with. No coupons, mailing, stamps, etc. And if we want to make extra payments mid-month, it's no problem, since there's no coupons to coordinate.

Speaking of homeowner stuff, we also learned on Saturday night how to use that oddly shaped tool that comes with the garbage disposal. The disposal stopped responding as we were cleaning up, but fortunately a couple of friends were assisting us and they showed us this wonderful homeowner's tip. In case there's anyone else reading this as in the dark as we were, here it is: under your sink you may have what looks like a very thick allen wrench with two bends in it. Insert one end of this into the matching recess underneath the disposal unit, and turn it. Turn it and turn it, back and forth, around and around. You'll feel resistance at first, and then you'll feel it when you've freed it up. It may take several tries, turning, then flipping the switch, then turning, etc. This ends today's public service announcement for new homeowners.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:54 AM