Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Samba Restaurant 

The Girl and I have been waiting for this new restaurant to open in Framingham, and at last it has. We still have leftovers from the weekend festivities, but we're really tired of them, so last night we got some takeout from Samba Steak and Sushi. Oh. My. God. Yum.

It's a fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. As you may have guessed from the name, they feature both sushi and the hibachi tables where they grill the food in front of you and have a little show. The Girl isn't a sushi fan, so she goes for the grill, while I went for the raw stuff. Delish! I had the samba style tuna salsa appetizer: "tuna, mango, avocado, jalapeno, tobikko, chives with mustard-miso sauce." It was all in chunks like a salsa, but the chunks were big enough that I could use my chopsticks. Fruity, zippy, great consistency, mmmm. Then I had salmon sushi (my test dish for sushi restaurants) which was delish. Sometimes they don't use the best salmon, and when you bite it it doesn't really come apart so the whole thiing slides off the rice or falls apart on your plate, but this was so tender and just came off in neat little bites. I also had one of their special maki selections - Una-coco maki: "unaji, coconut, mango, avocado." Wow! It's like a caterpillar roll with tropical fruit. The Girl was horrified. She's not a sushi fan, and she isn't particularly fond of any fruit-meat combination. But I was all over it.

The Girl had the Samba Selection hibachi, which had chicken, shrimp and steak in it, and came with rice and a salad. She found the salad dressing too spicy to eat, but she's also not a fan of the zip, so if you are, you might like it. The Samba Selection, on the other hand, received rave reviews as perhaps the best hibachi entree she's had.

We split some fried gyoza, which were yummy and had a lovely sauce (slightly zippy, but not too bad).

This place could be our new favorite.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:23 AM