Tuesday, June 27, 2006

The Great Thing About 

I got a new umbrella over the weekend.  I often eschew umbrellas, opting instead to pull up the hood on my rainjacket, or simply to go out unprepared.  But I finally decided it's time to be prepared instead, and therefore have fewer instances where I get soaking wet just because I can't be bothered with an umbrella.

Found a cool yellow and navy blue one, and it has the combined coolness of coming in a fitted mesh bag with a shoulder cord so I can toss it over my shoulder or sling it across the passenger seat back in the Jeep, plus it collapses down to a small size but still opens to a full 54-inches.  Full size umbrella, compact storage and easy portability.  What could be better?

So yesterday morning IronGuy and I went for a walk around the building to stretch our legs, and we decided that since the sun had decided to make an appearance we'd take the top down off the Jeep so some of the dampness could dry out.  IronGuy noticed the cool umbrella dangling from the seatback and commented on it.  I replied in very excited tones, "Yeah, but you want to see the really great thing about it?"  Of course he did, so I pulled it from its mesh bag, pointed it away from us and pressed the open button so he could see how big it is.  At that point the umbrella shot up its handle and right off, sailing about three feet across the parking lot before landing. 


Me: "That wasn't the cool thing."

IronGuy: "Oh.  I thought maybe that was it, like it was some sort of defensive weapon."

Me: "Yeah, like The Penguin!"

Fortunately, I was able to return the umbrella top onto its secure position on the handle.  I then did a controlled opening and he was appropriately impressed by the large diameter.

But a projectile umbrella could be cool…

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Friday, June 23, 2006

Carson City, Nevada 

I just got back a little past midnight this morning from a business trip to Carson City, Nevada. It was busy, busy, busy, but I managed to sneak in a few photo ops. I did see John Kerry at Logan Airport while I was killing time before my Tuesday morning flight, then I was spotted by a friend of The Girl - one of the members of the bridal party, in fact. She was heading to Seattle on business, but she was sitting in the seat directly in front of my for the flight to Phoenix! I then connected to Reno. We were also on the same flight back, from Las Vegas to Boston, but we weren't in the same area of the plane.

Anyway, I'll add more details tomorrow. I haven't had a good night's sleep since Monday. Click on the mountain view below for the full set. It's only nine pictures. Go ahead - you know you want to. It's like wiggling that loose tooth...

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Sunday, June 18, 2006

Kayak Day 

Last evening I pulled Lara Craft, Cove Raider (aka my kayak) out if its winter storage in the basement and went out for several hours on the Charles River. I put in at Nahanton Park in Newton, and paddled upstream first so that I'd be able to have an easier trip back. I think I got just past the Dedham Mall before I turned around. Along the way I saw a deer (from about 8 feet away), a family of muskrats, a family of swans, some fish jumping, a great blue heron, a white heron, several red-winged blackbirds, lots of dragonflies, and assorted other birds.

My unfortunate souveneir for the day is a kayak-pattern sunburn - face, forearms, and front and medial thighs. Ouch.

Click on the photo I took at my turnaround point to see more photos. I also called my dad for Father's Day from this spot.

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Sunday, June 11, 2006



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Saturday, June 10, 2006

Rainy Pride 

So we braved our way into Boston Pride despite the rainy weather. It was a minimally attended event, with most people opting to stay home or to attend indoor parties. As soon as the last parade entry passed, we pretty much ran to Boylston to catch the Green Line to the Red Line to Alewife to the car to our house for movies (Rent, Kissing Jessica Stein) and pizza. soxfan and soxfanwife joined us for the movies and chow. Next year if it rains, we'll just have a party.

Click on the group mug shot above for a few more pics. Only a few, I promise.

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Happy Pride 2006! 

The Girl and I will be in Boston today for Pride 2006, where we'll be meeting up with several friends. Two are meeting us here at our house in about an hour, so I'd better get ready. Wave if you see me there! Check later for photos - perhaps I'll phone in a couple during the day...

Oh - I discovered yesterday that walking around a pond after weeks of rain can be motivating. When I paused to adjust my sneaker, the mosquitos zoomed in for a feast!

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Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Old Photos 

I'm continuing on my summer scanning project, and found in the box of very old family photos an envelope of very old black and white negatives. Some of them are very oversized - I don't know what type of camera was used, but it wasn't a 35mm. I'm finding pictures of my parents, along with friends of theirs from their youths, and also some generally cool historic photos, like the two below. The first appears to be the aftermath of a hurricane or some similar natural phenomena, and the second is a 1940's shot of Washington, DC, where my mother was stationed with the WAVES.

Scanning slides and these negatives is like solving a mystery, because you really can't tell who or what the subject is until it's scanned, then these faces and places appear.

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Thursday, June 01, 2006


20 year college reunion moment:

A classmate who shall remain unnamed, we'll just call her AssFace, looks pointedly at soxfanwife's nametag, then at her face, and asks, "Oh, Kate, how are you?" soxfanwife engages in polite but reserved small talk, as this was not someone with whom we ever shared friendship or probably even diplomatic conversation.

AssFace then looks pointedly at my nametag, then at my face, and states bluntly, "I don't remember you at all."

I pause, not sure which of the many, many ways I could respond to choose.

AssFace continues, "Your name vaguely rings a bell, but I don't recognize your face AT ALL!"

I smile, nod, and think to myself, "Well, that's probably because we avoided each other since I was always drunk, loud and obnoxious. And you were an asshole. At least one of us has changed," as I took a long sip of my cold, bottled water.

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