Saturday, December 30, 2006

Oscar Night 2006 

Yes, with Oscar Season bearing down upon us, I have one last set of 2006 pictures to post - Oscar Party 2006! This was the last Oscar Night in the old apartment. I'm sure the trashy neighbors will miss the invasion of lesbians and their friends, and the ensuing whooping and hollering late into the night as the Pick the Winners Competition heated up!

This year's party will be better than ever, with more space, more parking, better neighbors, our own house and Ellen Degeneres as the host! Here are a few pictures of last year's event.

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Shopping Day June 2006 

Still catching up on these old photos. They really got away from me this year, but I'm just about caught up! Sounds like I have a ready-made resolution for 2007...

Anyway, this small batch is from a shopping day The Girl and I took this June. Start off with a stop at Starbucks in Woburn, then down to Stoughton for a day at Ikea, then drag our aching feet back to Burlington for dinner at Paparazzi.

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New Year's Eve 2005-2006 

Okay, so this is a little late, but at least I'm posting them up before the following New Year. So what if that's tomorrow night - I made it under the wire! Anyway, we've developed a tradition of having a couple of friends come over for New Year's Eve and stay for brunch. We make a fabulous dinner, watch movies, stay up late and then get up the next day for a huge brunch. No worries about assholes on the roads, freezing weather, or any of that stuff. So catch up on last year before I post up on this year.

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Friday, December 29, 2006

Holiday Scenes 

I took a few pictures around Christmas, and you can click on the tree to see them. The Girl took more with her new camera that Santa brought her, but she can post those later. The plan is that she'll have her own flickr account and will start posting here on the blog, once I show her how to upload her pics.

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Red Tail Golf July 30, 2006 

I don't get out golfing as much as a few years ago, but I've promised The Girl that I'll get out more once the bar exam is done next summer. I did go to one of my favorite courses this summer, though - Red Tail Golf on the site of the former Fort Devens. Only a few pictures - click away.

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Minneapolis on Business 

I got in site visits for all my customers this summer, with trips to Carson City, NV, Ames, IA and finally two sites in St. Paul, MN. I stayed just south of Minneapolis, not far from the airport. Here are my exciting photos. Click to see the set (it's a small set).

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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Provincetown August 2006 

Just before classes started up again in August, we took a long weekend in Provincetown. Click for more pics and commentary.

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George's Island, August 2006 

My company took all employees, families, dates, whatever to George's Island in August. George's Island is one of the Boston Harbor Islands, a national park area. It was a fun day of the ferry ride out and back, picnic, steel drum band, and exploring Fort Warren, a civil war fort full of dark and twisty corridors and a larger yard with demonstrations and reenactors. It was a fun day. Click the photo to see more.

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Road Trip - North Conway, NH 

At the end of the summer we found ourselves on another road trip with those most fabulous of road trip companions, soxfan and her wife. This time it was up to their place in North Conway, New Hampshire, near trees, mountains, the Saco River and outlet shopping. The Girl and soxfanwife were most excited about the shopping.

You know the drill - click on the picture of the house to get to the photoset. I'm a little tired, though, so the titles have to say it all - no descriptions as of yet.

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Moving and New House Pictures! 

I'm promised, and now they're here. Scenes from packing, moving and settling in. The Girl has some more moving day photos on her camera phone. We'll add those later. Click the photo of our lovely living room to get to the full set with commentary. Remember to click on each photo in the set to see the associated stories. Actually, I just noticed there's a new feature called Detail View (underneath the anchor photo on the left on the photoset page) that provides a whole bunch of the photos and commentary on the same page. Give it a whirl!

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Post Christmas Progress 

We threw a party on Saturday. This was about one month after we moved in, so it gave us motivation to get things unpacked, windows treated, knick-knacks arranged, etc. We really put it into gear, and the place looked great and just about fully settled-in (except for the seven boxes carefully stacked in my office). Trouble is, after that we haven't felt like doing a damn thing. We had a total day of lethargy Christmas Eve. We ate party leftovers, since neither of us had been able to eat much during the actual party, hung out in our jammies and watched DVDs all day until it was time to go out to the movies. Sadly, this trend has continued into the week. Our dishes are stacking up, we've gotten take out a couple of times, the Christmas presents are still piled on the coffee table - you get the idea.

We made a tiny bit of progress yesterday (until the take out Chinese food arrived...), in that we picked up the kitchen somewhat, set up The Girl's new printer and at least neatly arranged the pile of Christmas gifts on the coffee table. We then resumed the nip/tuck marathon.
Perhaps this evening I'll get my new Sirius satellite radio from The Girl all hooked up - both car and home docking stations! Plus she included gift cards to use for the cost of a year's subscription.

Yesterday we also hit a milestone - we made our first mortgage payment - whoo-hoo! Actually, it's kind of cool in that they at least have an online system so we can just submit our payments (along with additional principal payment, of course) and have it done with. No coupons, mailing, stamps, etc. And if we want to make extra payments mid-month, it's no problem, since there's no coupons to coordinate.

Speaking of homeowner stuff, we also learned on Saturday night how to use that oddly shaped tool that comes with the garbage disposal. The disposal stopped responding as we were cleaning up, but fortunately a couple of friends were assisting us and they showed us this wonderful homeowner's tip. In case there's anyone else reading this as in the dark as we were, here it is: under your sink you may have what looks like a very thick allen wrench with two bends in it. Insert one end of this into the matching recess underneath the disposal unit, and turn it. Turn it and turn it, back and forth, around and around. You'll feel resistance at first, and then you'll feel it when you've freed it up. It may take several tries, turning, then flipping the switch, then turning, etc. This ends today's public service announcement for new homeowners.

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Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Samba Restaurant 

The Girl and I have been waiting for this new restaurant to open in Framingham, and at last it has. We still have leftovers from the weekend festivities, but we're really tired of them, so last night we got some takeout from Samba Steak and Sushi. Oh. My. God. Yum.

It's a fusion of Brazilian, Peruvian and Japanese cuisine. As you may have guessed from the name, they feature both sushi and the hibachi tables where they grill the food in front of you and have a little show. The Girl isn't a sushi fan, so she goes for the grill, while I went for the raw stuff. Delish! I had the samba style tuna salsa appetizer: "tuna, mango, avocado, jalapeno, tobikko, chives with mustard-miso sauce." It was all in chunks like a salsa, but the chunks were big enough that I could use my chopsticks. Fruity, zippy, great consistency, mmmm. Then I had salmon sushi (my test dish for sushi restaurants) which was delish. Sometimes they don't use the best salmon, and when you bite it it doesn't really come apart so the whole thiing slides off the rice or falls apart on your plate, but this was so tender and just came off in neat little bites. I also had one of their special maki selections - Una-coco maki: "unaji, coconut, mango, avocado." Wow! It's like a caterpillar roll with tropical fruit. The Girl was horrified. She's not a sushi fan, and she isn't particularly fond of any fruit-meat combination. But I was all over it.

The Girl had the Samba Selection hibachi, which had chicken, shrimp and steak in it, and came with rice and a salad. She found the salad dressing too spicy to eat, but she's also not a fan of the zip, so if you are, you might like it. The Samba Selection, on the other hand, received rave reviews as perhaps the best hibachi entree she's had.

We split some fried gyoza, which were yummy and had a lovely sauce (slightly zippy, but not too bad).

This place could be our new favorite.

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I gave The Girl the DVDs for the first three seasons of nip/tuck for Christmas. We never started watching it on tv as we figured we'd get sucked in and we already had enough shows to watch. Christmas night after returning home from the family gathering and the trip to Dreamgirls (go see it, please!), we decided to watch one episode and see how we liked it. Well, the first episode was the extra-long pilot, and we ended up staying up way past our bedtime to finish it. We've watched four more episodes since then (yes, "since then" means last night). Hooked, hooked we are! A "disturbingly perfect drama" indeed. Yikes. But it's so good.

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Tuesday, December 26, 2006

The Good Shepherd 

It was long and I noticed, this CIA origins flick covered a lot of years at the surface and too few moments in depth, I didn't get a real feeling for the motivations of many of the characters. Bottom line, I ended up not particularly giving a rat's ass about any of them. Angelina deserved better. The actor, not her character. Maybe her character deserved better too, but I'm just not sure. And I don't really care

Reality Check: The Girl found it to be long, boring and confusing. And she had been really psyched about going to this one.

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Monday, December 25, 2006


Continuing our Christmas tradition, The Girl and I went to the movies after the family gatherings had broken up. Of course, the tradition was slightly different in that we weren't driving through a raging snowstorm to go to the movies, but still. Off to Dreamgirls we went, and I have just this to say:

No no no no way, no no no no way Jennifer Hudson is living without an Oscar nomination.

Reality check: The Girl agrees.

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Friday, December 22, 2006

Gift Choice Validation 

I knew I'd made some good gift choices for The Girl last evening when a cashier ringing up my purchases told me, "I wanna be at YOUR house!"

In other news, the piano tuner we thought we had lined up just in time for our holiday/new house party this weekend turns out to be lined up for January 4.  Wrong Thursday.  Whoops.

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Tuesday, December 19, 2006

Done But for the Handin' In 

I just finished reading over the hard copy of my paper for Modern Real Estate Transactions. Now all I've got to do is deliver it to the faculty reception desk tomorrow at lunch time, and school's out for, well, a couple of weeks. But it's something!

Perhaps in addition to using this time to continue getting the house squared away, I'll also find a few moments to upload all the photos that have been accumulating on my and The Girl's cameras. I know you're all dying to see them. I'll have to set up some before and after snaps, comparing the old apartment with the new digs, and also our house on move in day compared with the day of our first party - this Saturday!

As a bonus feature, I'll do my best to post up a couple of travel shots from my upcoming business trip to that hotbed of coolness, Muskegon, Michigan. Yes, last year you may have thought I had hit the work travel jackpot with my December trip to Cocoa Beach, Florida (although avid readers may also recall that this trip had its downsides as well), but I'm making up for it now by flying to Michigan in January. Time to break out the heavy boots.

But now, off to sleep, perchance to dream of something other than exams.

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Friday, December 08, 2006

You may (or may not) recall that I took the MPRE, aka the ethics test, in November, and that passing this test is required even to sit for the bar exam in Massachusetts.

Bring it on - I passed.

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