Tuesday, January 30, 2007

More Scenic Avon Walk? 

Last year the Avon Walk went from U Mass Boston north through Boston and Cambridge. For those of us who stopped at the 13 miles, we then bussed to Malden, where the Wellness Village was on a set of ballfields. The 13 mile route back to U Mass on Sunday morning took us through (not really) scenic Everett, past fuel storage sites and back through Boston.

This year the Boston Avon Walk will be again starting at U Mass but the Wellness Village is at Prowse Farm in Canton, to the south of the city. This is a much more rural-suburban area, so I'm hoping that it will be fabulous scenery - lots of pictures!!! The route will skirt around the Blue Hills Reservation, but won't actually go onto any trails (too much ankle risk with all those walkers, plus trail impact from all those feet).

Ironically, Prowse Farm is owned by Meditch, with whose systems my company's products frequently interface. A not favorite classmate of mine works there, too. But the nonprofit Friends of Prowse Farm have a management agreement with Meditech, and the farm is operated as a historic site.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:35 AM