Sunday, February 11, 2007

5.6 Mile Loop Training Walk 

Middle Sister and I headed out for our Sunday morning 8:00 am walk, while The Girl slept soundly after her big day of drumming yesterday. We had planned a 5.25 mile walk, but on the home stretch we were so busy looking at and commenting on houses that we missed our turn, so we just extended it a bit. We're just under two weeks away from the start of the official 12-week training program, and we're hitting our target miles. Shout out to Biggest Sister who sadly is 350 miles away so cannot join us.

In other Avon Walk news, I'm 24% of the way to my goal (of $1800), and the team is 20% of the way to our combined goal (of $5400). Big thanks to Bigger Brother, who made an online contribution today to each of us! I know, you don't hear much about them, but there are three of them, all older than me. I'll call them Big Brother, Bigger Brother and Biggest Brother. The birth order is: Biggest Sister, Biggest Brother, Bigger Brother, Middle Sister, Big Brother and RSLS.

Cool new internet geekiness: I've just discovered, where you can map out your routes, upload them from a GPS if you take one with you, and it calculates your elevation changes, your pace AND (coolest of all) will show you geotagged Flickr pictures in the area of your route. How cool is that? Here's our route today (many of the photos are from our walk - you have to click "Show on map" to see where they are). Or you can just click on the hopeful pink flamingos in the snow to see the pics and commentary.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 4:56 PM