Thursday, February 08, 2007

Doesn't Sound Like My School 

Earlier this year everyone in my department wrote down some little know fun fact about themselves, and then at our monthly department meetings the manager reads off a few and we all guess who it is. Mine have all come up already and are:
  • I have two degrees in physical education
  • I can play piano, french horn and guitar
  • My favorite holiday is Oscar Night.

At today's meeting, one of the cards read, "At my undergraduate school, we were required to attend chapel each morning, and dancing was banned."

As people tried to figure it out, someone said, "Hey Beth - what's the college on that sweatshirt YOU'RE wearing?"

"Bryn Mawr. REALLY doesn't fit the facts."

To my recollection, it was more like dancing was required at least twice per week, and proselytizing was banned, although exploring various global forms of spirituality and world religions and otherwise framed belief systems was greatly encouraged, and you got extra points for being pagan or wiccan, but secular humanism was probably at the top of the totem pole. But it was founded by Quakers. Then there's the whole Maypole tradition. And it was all well-lubricated with as many forms of alcohol as possible.

So no, that wasn't my card. I even pointed out that all three of my cards had already been flipped, when a colleague (who it turned out attended the Footloose Academy in question) responded, "Well, you've always been an overachiever."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:28 PM