Thursday, February 01, 2007

I Think I've Got It! 

I've been feeling a little out of it in my Taxation of Business Entities class this semester. Granted, it's a four credit course (as opposed to the typical three credits), and is typically regarded as one of the tougher courses, but still. I hate sitting in class and thinking, "Duh, I don't get it."

Tonight I felt a little better. My thoughts on most of the cases and questions turned out to be accurate, and when I was confused about something the professor said regarding IRS Section 248 and the amount of organizational expenditures that is deductible ratably over 180 months, I was brave enough to ask a question without fear that I was just not getting it. Turns out it was a good question, because a 10 minute discussion ensued and the professor (a Tax Court judge in Massachusetts) assigned himself the task of researching the regs to find the correct answer for us by next class.


Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:29 PM