Thursday, February 08, 2007

It's 9:30, Do You Know Where Your Mind Is? 

Thursday's my late night, with classes going until 9:30, and I pull into the garage around 10:2o. It doesn't help that the last Thursday professor isn't exactly the most animated person, although I think she is trying. She's cursed with that sort of Darien, Connecticut tight-jawed (but not in a fabulous Kathrine Hepburn way) affect. In the elevator as we were all finally making our exit, someone mentioned that her mind tends to wander as the blessed 9:30 hour approaches. This led to a number of statements of accord, including my two favorites:

"Wander? My mind goes to an entirely different region of The Shire." (okay, that was mine)

"Really - our minds need passports for where they wander in that class."

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:37 PM