Saturday, February 03, 2007

Pre-Order Harry and Support the Avon Walk 

My sisters and I are walking the full 39.3 mile, two day Boston Avon Walk in May. You may have read my previous posts, or seen the pink Avon Walk boxes on the sides of this blog. Any and all support is welcome, from good wishes to donations - we each have to raise at least $1800 to participate. But to sweeten the deal, if helping support a foundation that does a great deal to help people fighting breast cancer and the people trying to find a cure isn't enough, now you can pre-order Harry Potter by clicking on one of the Amazon inks below the Avon boxes on the sides, or in this post, and I'll contribute to the Avon Walk the 4% referral fee I get from Amazon. Of course, you can order anything from Amazon by clicking through one of my Amazon link boxes, and I'll contribute that referral as well.

Remember - you can get the seventh and final Harry Potter in Standard or Deluxe editions!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 2:04 PM