Saturday, February 10, 2007

Study Hard, Sushi Reward! 

The Girl headed off to Scituate today to take part in a jam session with some friends. She was quite excited, as she got to play on actual acoustic drums rather than the (very nice) electronic kit she has at home. A secret to a successful marriage...

Anyway, that left The Boys and me at home to study (me) and nap (them). Mischief helped by blocking my way to the internet (clearly he's taken a break from guard duty at the moment), and Aspen helped by keeping my lap warm.

As evening rolled around, The Girl called to check in. It was already just after 7:00 pm and she hadn't eaten dinner yet, so we decided it was best for her to accept the stir fry invitation before heading home. Otherwise there would have been an unpleasant plunging blood sugar incident. Hers aren't nearly as bad as mine, though.

As for me, it was Samba Sushi and more studying, baby!! Click on each photo to see more of the story. No sets, just these two pics.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:04 PM