Thursday, February 22, 2007

Tic Toc Crash 

Time flies like an arrow
Fruit flies like a banana
Law school flies like a banana crashing into the clock

Last night the heating system was out of control at school. I was reading in the lounge before my first class, and it was like a sauna in there. When the clock on the clubhouse wall, er, lounge wall, said it was five minutes to Taxation of Business Entitities, I gathered up my half ton backpack and other belongings and headed next door. First I had to squeeze past the large trash can that someone was using to prop open the lounge door to allow in some precious cooler air from the hallway, then it was just three steps to the classroom next door. As I walked in, the professor - a very congenial tax court judge - said "You're late!" but with a smirk. I began to reply that I was not, but then I glanced at the classroom clock, and indeed it was time for class. The professor said that one of the other two women in the class had remarked prior to my entrance that I was in the lounge, and that launched us into a discussion of how it was a steamroom in there. I then took my opportunity to point out that the lounge clock was five minutes behind this one and that I thought perhaps the excess heat and moisture was causing damage.

We then resumed class, but we had to take a break in the middle to open the door and let in more of that precious cool hallway air.

Later on after this and my second class had concluded, I was in the parking garage elevator along with a few others from school, and the topic was how hot it was in the building, when two of them informed us that the clock in their Law and Ethics of Lawyering class had spontaneously exploded in the middle of class. For no apparent reason, the glass face just shattered!

Heat, law school and timepieces don't mix.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:37 AM