Monday, March 05, 2007

Sunday's Walk through the Farms 

Sunday Middle Sister and I took a new route, winding through the horse and farm area of town. Many people think of my town (which is also where I grew up) as the definition of suburbia. After all, we were the home of the first east coast shopping mall! But most don't realize that there is still a good amount of farm area and also many historic homes from the early and mid 1700's. Well, our 8.2 mile Avon Walk training took us on the winding hills yesterday. Here's the route. I took some pictures - I'll try to post them up later today. Otherwise they're going to have to wait until my return from another client visit this week.

UPDATE (3/11/07) - Here are the pictures. Click on the carriage crossing sign for the set and the stories.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:16 AM