Saturday, June 02, 2007

All Bar, All the Time 

Weekdays: Go to work, Go to bar review class, Go to sleep. All commuting time includes bar review lectures on the iPod. Lunch time includes bar review books or iPod.

Weekends: Study for the bar. If mowing the lawn or cooking, bar review lectures on the iPod.

I do have graduation pictures, but have not yet loaded them. I will, I promise.

Barbri (the bar review class) is Monday through Friday, 6-9:30 or 10:00 pm. Then they recommend an additional 5-9 hours studying per weekday plus 10 on the weekend. They also recommend taking time off from work if at all possible.

It's not.

This past week: Criminal Law, Criminal Procedure, Agency and Partnerships, plus some introductions to the multistate (the multiple choice exam that everyone takes) and the essay (the state exam on the second day).

This week started on Wednesday.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:00 PM