Thursday, June 14, 2007

Better Feeling on Essays 

The high point for me of last night's bar review class was when the instructor talked about the PACE program (the study schedule with specific things we should be working on each day), and said, "By now you all know one thing - the PACE program is superhuman."

He got that right. I told my friends that I'm going to need a PACEmaker by the time this is over.

Last night we handed in an essay to be reviewed according to bar standards. The book with the questions also has model answers, so after you write you can review the model answer for comparison. After I did my first one a week or so ago, I was so disheartened upon reading the model answer that I just put a big X across the whole page of my scrawling. I felt a little better on reading the model answer for the one I turned in, but not a whole lot.

But after last evening's Essay Writing Workshop I, I'm feeling more confident and able to organize and present a coherent response in a format that won't make the graders hate me. I need a better pen, though. He recommend getting 4 or 5 brands of the micro-est point available and using the one that's most comfortable, as the micropoint opens up more space on the page and makes it easier for the graders, who in turn will be less likely to hate us. One of my classmates had a very nice one I tried out. Sounds like a trip to Staples is in order! TCU, I know you want to come along!

P.S. - notice the change to the blog title?

UPDATE: The results of pen shopping:

Most are 0.5 mm micropoints, but one pack is "Superfine" at 0.3mm. Now I just need to test drive them on some practice essays.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:32 AM