Saturday, June 23, 2007

Getting By With a Little Help From... Everyone 

...but especially The Girl.

Even though I had sworn up and down that I would handle the lawn mowing, and even though The Girl had never before mowed a lawn in her life, she got out there on two consecutive days last weekend and got nearly the whole thing done.

This week we engaged my brother-in-law's landscape company to mow our lawn on a weekly basis.

My laundry has turned into a frightening monster. The other day I asked The Girl if I could borrow a particular shirt from her, and the look she had, in combination with her silence, told me she was trying to think of a valid reason to say no that wouldn't hurt my feelings. I called her on it and told her she could just say no, and she replied that she was just afraid that the shirt would wind up n the horrible laundry pile that's taken over my half of the room and that she would never see it again!

The next day she went to Old Navy and picked up some new shorts, shirts and a pair of pants for me.

This morning we bagged up all my laundry and she drove it to a fluff-and-fold to get me caught up. She has also hinted that she might help me out with it once this backlog has been erased.

My Mini Cooper was a few hundred miles overdue for its full servicing, and a warning light had been coming on intermittently. The Girl took it up to the Mini dealer (about a 45 minute drive without traffic) last Saturday (in lieu of golfing!) and spent several hours in the lounge there reading and listening to her iPod while they serviced the car. At the time they couldn't reproduce the warning light, so they said to call if it happened again. On Tuesday they called back to say they had communicated with Mini engineers, who recommended replacing the entire transmisssion. The thing's still under complete warranty, so cost wasn't an issue. The Girl gave me her Subaru Forester, drove the Mini back up to the dealer after work Wednesday and drove a rental Jeep Compass for the rest of the week. She then missed her cardio kickboxing class on Friday night to sit in summer weekend traffic after work and picked it up for me.

My brother and his family gave us a lovely tree/shrub (silver willow) for graduation, but we don't have a shovel and I just don't have time to go buy one and then do the necessary other stuff involved in planting. Middle Sister volunteered to get instructions from Brother-in-Law and take care of it for me, which she apparently did sometime yesterday, as I noticed today (after looking in the general area a number of times while watching the neighbor's newest addition - a goat. Yes - I said "a goat") that the tree is nicely planted in the spot we had selected.

I told some bar review friends about the laundry, and they totally understood. One of them said, "Oh god - I haven't done laundry in weeks! I just keep going to Marshall's and buying new stuff. I'll probably have 40 pairs of new underwear by the time we're done!" Another had already been recommending that we get a landscaper (although she did urge that I should acquire a shovel after the exam, as every homeowner needs a shovel).

We then all agreed that we're all going to owe everyone big once this is all said and done.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 3:09 PM