Sunday, June 24, 2007

I Love Our House 

I'm sitting on the back deck doing online bar review questions through I'm using one of the comfy adirondack chairs Middle Sister and Boyfriend gave for graduation, with the windchimes blowing, the birds singing (oops - I initially typed "signing" - we spent three days on contracts this week) and occasionally stopping by the birdfeeders (one of which I got with my Westlaw Research points) and the sun shining. There are no other houses or people in my line of vision or hearing, only the woods.

I love this house.

Oh, and the goat next door apparently was with an overnight guest, and they have all now left. I'm trying to imagine that conversation - "Thanks for the invitation. We don't want to leave little Billy home alone, though, so would you mind terribly if he came along?"

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:20 PM