Sunday, June 17, 2007

True Colors Tour 

The Girl and I ventured into Boston last evening for the True Colors Tour, organized by Cyndi Lauper. I of course was thinking more about what I wasn't studying, but The Girl figured that out at one point.

"You're not thinking about studying are you?"
*sheepishly* "Yes."
"No! Enjoy the moment! Present living! You can study all day tomorrow after yoga, and I'll come pull you away from your desk at 9:30 tomorrow night!"

With that out of the way, I really tried to enjoy the show. Really, I did. There were just too many distractions. Among the many:
  • The drunk woman whose friend left her half passed out on the seats next to us so he could get her a bottle of water while she proceeded to puke on the floor. When he finally returned, he finally figured out that he should get her the fuck out of there. Fortunately, intermission was only a few minutes later, and the Bank of America Pavilion staff quickly sent in their bodily fluid strike unit armed with cleaning implements and bleach, and all was right with row GG.
  • The enthusiastic but aging club boys in the row behind us who periodically wacked my head with their elbows while jamming out to erasure and exclaiming how hot the lead singer is.
  • The problems with Cyndi Lauper's earpiece monitor. She was looking quite annoyed and as if she had an inner ear infection as she kept pulling and pointing at it and calling out instructions to the techies. I think her very cool violin player was having problems with her violin pickup as well. Sounded great when it was active, though!
  • Gossip (the band, not the activity) - good, but something was set too loud so that the sound was getting muddy over the huge amps.
  • Rufus Wainwright - I love the man's work and was cheering enthusiastically, but they had these odd outfits on, with stripes going every which way and I thought I was being led into a trance state or something. Plus his selections were bordering on the snoozy. But he did have a french horn player - how cool is that? (FYI - I played french horn in high school, including in the marching band. Yeah, I've been a cool kid from way back...)
  • Debbie - I'm sorry... Deborah - Harry - she looks great, her pipes still rock, but she looks like a really cool country club mom who's doing Debbie Harry at the air band fundraiser. Her moves were definitely stiff and "oh, my back doesn't move that way anymore." Plus with the coiff and earings and particular makeup - I spent most of the time thinking how much she looks like Debbie Reynolds, and how she should look into getting the lead in her biopic. Then when she was singing/shouting, "Don't touch me - you're too hot!" over and over, she suddenly morphed into Polly Bergen. You can imaging the many levels of disturbing that brought on!
  • Cyndi Lauper was fabulous, but unfortunately by that point of the evening I was just really tired and wanted to go home.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:22 PM