Monday, July 16, 2007

PMBR, Day 1 

Today I'm off to the Boston Convention Center for the three-day PMBR review. First we have another simulated multistate today, then tomorrow and Wednesday are for review of today's exercise.

In related news, I managed to get through a whole night of sleep without making up exam questions in my dreams. It was a nice change.

From the Things to Look Forward To Department: I received my confirmation from that the final Harry Potter book will be arriving at my door on Saturday morning. He's coming on the post bar vacation with us, but the deal is that the book stays safely sealed in its custom Harry Potter box until after the exam. Otherwise the temptation would just be too great...
UPDATE: Am I SUPPOSED to want to put my head through a wall upon completing the PMBR simulated exam?
UPDATE 2: Okay, I've now graded my PMBR test. Things aren't as bad as they appeared. But they really felt that way at the time. A friend of mine who took the PMBR 3-day last week said that the instructor opened by saying that "anyone who scored well, go home. I dont know why you are here." So since that's how even PMBR feels about it, who am I to argue? I got a 134 on this sample test, so rather than spend up to 4-5 hours altogether in Boston traffic and spending $20 on parking over the next two days, I'm going to stay home, continue reviewing the substantive materials, focusing on the state topics and my weakest spots from the test, and writing essays.

Plus this way I can have two more days of rest, elevation and ice for my sore, sore footie. It was really killing me today as I hauled my ass to kingdom come looking for somewhere to get lunch today. The Boston Convention Center web site boldly touted their 350-seat food court, so I didn't bring anything. All the vendors were closed. I think PMBR was the only event in the building today. Nice.

In the "things I've slacked on during bar prep" department - I received a polite inquiry email from my soon to be wed niece, wondering if we're planning on attending her August 11 wedding. She was very diplomatic:

"My mom was going through response cards and didn't think she saw yours and Julie's. I was just making sure that she was seeing right and didn't miss it. Also, just making sure you will be there because I need to give a final count this week. I hope your studying is going well and I will talk to you soon."
Sign this kid up for the next LSAT! I truly thought I sent it, but that could have just been something I dreamed up as part of one of my freakish home-made practice bar questions.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:33 AM