Thursday, August 30, 2007

Still Away, Back Soon 

So Biggest Sister pointed out this week that I've been noticeably absent from cyberspace of late. Okay, so I haven't blogged basically all month. I've been in a fest of no deadlines and commitments, no need to logon and do practice bar questions, etc.

The Girl and I are off tomorrow for a four day golf weekend in Maine. She goes every year with a golfing group we're in, but I haven't gone since law school began, as classes were always well underway by Labor Day weekend. She's ecstatic that I'm going along this year, and she even purchased a new 5 wood for me. I'm just hoping I can make it through! I went out for my first round of the season last Saturday - yes, the hottest day of the summer, at around 100 degrees, and I'm out there golfing. I sat out holes 10-13 then continued.

For this weekend I've promised that I'll do all 18 on the scheduled event days - Saturday and Sunday. I'll go for our own 18 on Friday and Monday, but reserve the right to sit out some of the holes. She's on her own for the beyond 18 each day (it's an unlimited golf weekend at a golf resort). I'm bringing fluff books and my camera to keep myself entertained.

I'm in negotiations for a legal job - I'll keep you posted...

We went to our 4th week of Weight Watcher's this evening - I'm down 4.2 pounds after three weeks. When I hit 5 pounds down I get to have one of the yummy Lake Champlain truffles - they're 5 WW points each (about 1/4 of my points for the day).

That's it until after the golfing extravaganza - have a lovely holiday weekend!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:08 PM