Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Heroes - Four Months Later 

Well, except for Hiro. We drop in on him just as he's dropping in on 17th century Japan, right where we left him at the end of last season. I know what you're thinking - well, he's time traveling so it doesn't really matter, right? From what I've seen, he experiences his time travel through a linear time lens, so even though he's jumping around, he experiences everything in forward moving hours and days. He could pop out and pop back to the same time, but have experienced a day or a year or whatever in the meantime. At first I thought maybe he was caught in a loop and was dropping into the middle of this pre-battle setting over and over, but apparently it was just that for him we're picking up where we left off. I guess now the big question is - will he be educating his hero in the way of the samurai, or will he take up the mantle of Kensei himself, thereby becoming his own hero? My feeling is that he'll try to reform Kensei but will end up being Kensei. Sort of like Commander Sinclair and Valen and Delenn (more recently known as Lost's Crazy Daniellen). Maybe he and the sword-maker's daughter will have a child with a mutation and that is what started the whole thing.

When new guy was hovering outside Claire's window, I thought for a minute it was Peter, somehow rejuvenated by his up close brush with the radioactive. But since he's locked up in a trailer in Ireland with the creepy mutant death symbol around his neck and no memory, guess not.

And who is Hoodie Man? Is it someone we've seen before or is he a new old guy? Whoever he is, I don't like him because he dragged Sulu off to a bloody, pulpy death. And that's just not cool.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 9:42 AM