Wednesday, September 05, 2007

A Par-fect Ending 

So we were up in Maine for a golf weekend, with a group of just under 20 people. I golfed once this summer, so I'm not exactly the golfing machine The Girl is. We played an orange crush tournament on Sunday, where each team has one orange ball that gets rotated among team members from hole to hole. So I would play that ball every fourth hole. On the score card we have 5 scores - one for each player and one for the orange ball. While I had played really well on Saturday, my play Sunday was erratic. Until the end.

I had the orange ball on the last hole, and we were the last group coming in. As we rounded the corner to the tee, I spotted The Girl tooling down the path from the clubhouse in her golf cart (teams were drawn out of a hat, and we were on separate teams), so I said to my playing partner, "There's my girl!" and I gave The Girl a high five as we passed carts in opposite directions. She stayed and drove along the hole with us, and was joined along the way by a number of others from the group, so by the green we had quite an audience!

I nailed my drive, which landed in the middle of the fairway about halfway down.

I nailed my 3-wood, which initially landed in the bunker to the right of the green with a very large explosion of sand, but the sand was firm enough from recent rains that it bounced out onto the grass!

Then, with many people watching from a few feet away, I chipped it up onto the fringe and then putted it about 12 feet into the cup from just off the green for par!

I'll have pictures later, but right now I have to go to work. Boo hoo.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:42 AM