Friday, October 12, 2007

Steppin' It Up 

Down another pound this week at WW, and I've now completed my Nautilus and Cardio Room orientation at the Y. The Girl has done the first of the two orientation sessions, and is scheduled for the second on Tuesday. Time to work on muscles and lungs!

I had my second session ahead of The Girl because I thought I would be making another exciting trip to Muskegon, Michigan next week, but the fates are not allowing. The customer had to postpone for a couple of weeks, and I'm already committed to a couple of other clients that week, so the Development team will just have to do the on site visit on their own. It's very sad, I know. But now I'll be able to log some quality time at the gym instead!

We're off for the first phase of our multi-event Fall Foliage Tour this weekend. Up to NH to a friend's house this afternoon for a few days in the woods. We plan on checking out the area around the Kankamangus Highway, as it's supposed to be lovely. Then next weekend it's down to the Cape, and the last weekend of the month we're going to take a day trip out to Northampton.

We should catch a variety of autumn colors with this approach! I'll take lots of pictures, and maybe I'll even get around to posting them sometime! I just haven't been logging much nonwork computer time these days. What's become of me?

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:21 AM