Saturday, December 01, 2007

First Saturday as a... 

First Saturday as a Lawyer, still I have a new geek(?) toy jott, cool. listen

Powered by Jott
The above text and link brought to you by Jott, a new geek virtual gadget I discovered at Mirandala. You call up and leave a clearly stated message of up to 30 seconds. Then some phantoms transcribe it (that's what they say, but I'm guessing there's some level of speech recognition involved and more likely they have editors who go over the low confidence drafts) and send it to wherever you've directed. It can go as email and/or text message, or to a link like Blogger. Email yourself reminders from the road, post on the blog from the Starbucks line, send a text to your girl while she's out shopping. And there's also a link to hear the original, in case you're not sure the phantoms translated it very well.

Speaking of which, they got mine mostly right. You can click to hear, but what I said was:

"My first Saturday as a lawyer, so I have a new geek toy. Jott. Cool."
UPDATE: I've poked around the site, and as I suspected, the Jott software is like the one where I work. Speech recognition creates a draft but they have people in dark rooms available to review the lower confidence translations. Also - check out the schmancy widget I've added to the top left. And the new title. Someday I'll get to the FAQs...

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:54 AM