Monday, April 30, 2007

Sisters Weekend 2007 

Back at the end of March we had a sisters weekend in Pennsylvania, where we made jewelry. The centerpieces were glass beads hand made by Biggest Sister. She uses glass rods of different colors, a large torch and other implements. It's quite impressive, and they're all very lovely. The jewelry we made is all for sale to benefit the Avon Walk, and it's going fast!

Now back to studying for tonight's exam on Taxation of Business Entities. Getting the toughest one out of the way up front.

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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Celebrate with Camera 

We've given ourselves each a gift for getting through four years of law school. A couple of weeks early, but still...

I've had my eyes on a new digital camera for quite a while now, and now it's mine! Canon Rebel EOS Digital XTi, 10 megapix. The Girl will be scheduling two more sets of golf lessons to keep her occupied while I'm preparing for the bar. This weekend also brought a new dryer (hopefully to be delivered this week) to replace the 20-year-old gas sucking mini thing that came with the house, and a cordless electric lawnmower for our roughly 1/4 acre that isn't wooded.

Click on the happy dance below to see the first pictures with the new camera!

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Saturday, April 28, 2007

Exam Studying, Day One 

I had a grand plan of going to the town library today to study for Taxation of Business Entities, my toughest exam and which of course is the first one, on Monday. My first clue of a problem was the music that seemed to be getting louder as I walked from the parking garage to the entrance. Indeed, it was coming from the live latin jazz concert that was going on in one of the function rooms, and which was audible all over the library. I maybe could have gotten through that if it weren't for all the talkers and cell phone answerers and loud little children wandering around in the "quiet study" area. Plus the rattling that occurred in the ventilation system built into the windowsill next to my table. I gave it a couple of hours and retreated to my nice quiet house. The Girl was out golfing, so it worked out.

In other news, I finally broke down and bought some reading flags at Staples - you know, the little Post-It things with the clear adhesive end to stick to pages and the write on end to label the section. Four years of law school and I'm just getting them in time for my last three exams.

In even other news, on Thursday (after they postponed it for a week) I had my 6-month one-sided follow up mammogram after October's stressful series, and everything's fine. Back in October for the annual on both.

Tonight: studying and bar application (yup, didn't get to it last weekend. It's due by May 11).

Tomorrow: one hour max walking with Middle Sister, studying, brunch in Gloucester (where an attorney friend is going to sign my bar application - Massachusetts requires each application be signed by a state licensed attorney), more studying.

July 21 - Harry Potter's latest adventure will arrive on my doorstep, and I won't be able to open it because I'll be five days away from the start of the bar exam. It's just not right.

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Thursday, April 26, 2007

Last Day of Classes 

Tonight is my last law school class. Whee!

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Friday, April 20, 2007

Plugging Along 

Four days of classes left. Once class ended last night.

PMBR is paid. Books are en route.

barbri is paid. Books available for pickup May 24.

barbri course location choice changed from my school to one that's closer to home. A good thing, since it's five nights a week from 6-10 for all of June and half of July.

Bar application to be completed this weekend.

Funds needed for Avon Walk - many.

Miles of training needed for Avon Walk - many.

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