Thursday, July 26, 2007


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Harry coming out to play!

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I'm free!

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Tuesday, July 24, 2007


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The boot

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Car packed

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B-Day Minus One 

Well, it's almost here. In 24 hours I'll be at the World Trade Center in Boston, finding my seat in Section 15. We're staying in Boston tonight and tomorrow night and then going directly to the Cape after the exam, so the car's all loaded up and ready to go. I won't likely be doing any posting until our return from the mini-vacation (other than the occasional camera phone snap), so think good thoughts and have a great week and weekend!

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Sunday, July 22, 2007

Calm Dreams 

You know those stress dreams? The ones where you find that you were registered for a class all semester but didn't realize it and now it's finals but if you do really well on the test you can still pass even though you didn't attend one class so now you're really stressed trying to cram it all in?

I didn't have that dream last night.

Instead, I did have a college dream, but I dreamed that I was all done and calmly packing up my room. And my room was quite tidy, with everything in its place and no extra clutter. I was just packing up, chatting with a friend of mine (okay, so it was Rodney McKay, super physicist from Stargate: Atlantis - so I'm even a geek in my dreams) about his summer plans. He was working out a better timing mechanism for the dorm heating system to alleviate the mold and mildew problem that apparently had been plaguing us. His current idea was to have the rooms heat upu to 100 early in the evening and then turn off for the rest of the night. I had my doubts about this concept, but he would have the whole summer to work on it.

Anyway, my only concern was that I might have to call my sister to bring her car around so I wouldn't have to make two trips, since I didn't think I'd be able to fit everything into the Mini in one trip.

That was it! No frenzy, no frantic, no panic.

Nice change.

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Saturday, July 21, 2007

Post Bar Reading 

The friendly UPS owl dropped a package on my doorstep at 11:47 this morning!

To see additional recent photos from the bar prep haze (including the lovely manicure I got yesterday along with a facial), click on the new extra-supportive sport Teva (complete with gel heel insert):

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Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Confuseder and Confuseder 

Consensus among some of us is that now that we are one week away from the first of the two big days, we are just getting more confused and our brains are overloading. I'm focusing on essays, now and I feel like on some of this stuff I know just enough to raise my response from a blank piece of paper to a jumbled bit of muttering on a variety of tangentially relevant subjects, vaguely held together by something just on this side of stream of consciousness. In my limited social interactions I've turned into a blithering idiot who randomly blathers random bits of marginally relevant law stuff, in language no one who is neither a lawyer nor law student (or somewhere in the middle, like those of us in this particular boat) understands.

Seven days to the multistate, eight days until it's over. Ack.

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Monday, July 16, 2007

PMBR, Day 1 

Today I'm off to the Boston Convention Center for the three-day PMBR review. First we have another simulated multistate today, then tomorrow and Wednesday are for review of today's exercise.

In related news, I managed to get through a whole night of sleep without making up exam questions in my dreams. It was a nice change.

From the Things to Look Forward To Department: I received my confirmation from that the final Harry Potter book will be arriving at my door on Saturday morning. He's coming on the post bar vacation with us, but the deal is that the book stays safely sealed in its custom Harry Potter box until after the exam. Otherwise the temptation would just be too great...
UPDATE: Am I SUPPOSED to want to put my head through a wall upon completing the PMBR simulated exam?
UPDATE 2: Okay, I've now graded my PMBR test. Things aren't as bad as they appeared. But they really felt that way at the time. A friend of mine who took the PMBR 3-day last week said that the instructor opened by saying that "anyone who scored well, go home. I dont know why you are here." So since that's how even PMBR feels about it, who am I to argue? I got a 134 on this sample test, so rather than spend up to 4-5 hours altogether in Boston traffic and spending $20 on parking over the next two days, I'm going to stay home, continue reviewing the substantive materials, focusing on the state topics and my weakest spots from the test, and writing essays.

Plus this way I can have two more days of rest, elevation and ice for my sore, sore footie. It was really killing me today as I hauled my ass to kingdom come looking for somewhere to get lunch today. The Boston Convention Center web site boldly touted their 350-seat food court, so I didn't bring anything. All the vendors were closed. I think PMBR was the only event in the building today. Nice.

In the "things I've slacked on during bar prep" department - I received a polite inquiry email from my soon to be wed niece, wondering if we're planning on attending her August 11 wedding. She was very diplomatic:

"My mom was going through response cards and didn't think she saw yours and Julie's. I was just making sure that she was seeing right and didn't miss it. Also, just making sure you will be there because I need to give a final count this week. I hope your studying is going well and I will talk to you soon."
Sign this kid up for the next LSAT! I truly thought I sent it, but that could have just been something I dreamed up as part of one of my freakish home-made practice bar questions.

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Thursday, July 12, 2007

Morning Visitor 

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While I was in the kitchen getting a cup of tea this morning, I noticed something large outside - one of the wild turkeys was back! He came all the way down into the yard this time, rather than just hanging out on the wall.

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Wednesday, July 11, 2007

Keep It Coming 

I had to drop out of the Avon Walk after 9 miles this year. My sisters continued on to do 16.3 the first day and the whole 13.1 on the second day. Oh, and by the way - Biggest Sister managed to log those miles with an undiagnosed cracked rib from a fall two days prior. I was having pains in my left heel, and shooting pains in my knees, and it just didn't seem worth risking any serious damage right before the bar review. Anyway, I met them near the end on the second day and walked to the finish with them, but it hurt.

Two months later, still hurting.

So I went to my new doctor today. She was very good, and spent a lot of time getting my whole history, checking different pressure points, manipulating the joints, etc. Her conclusion: plantar fasciitis in the left foot, and patellofemoral pain syndrome (aka runner's knee) in both knees. Oh, and by the way? A frequent contributor to both these issues is weight gain. Yep, those 30 law school pounds just keep jumping up to bite me.

Treatment - ice, rest, stretching, strengthening exercises that don't involve impact or large range of motion in the knees. Better supporting shoes with heel inserts, and don't wear them into the ground (as I always do). And 3 ibuprofen 3x a day for the next two weeks, and we'll check back in mid-August, but sometimes this freaking plantar thing can take months to a year to clear up. But how am I supposed to lose weight if I can't walk, bike, run, etc.? "Can you swim?" she responds.

Technically, yes. Gracefully? No, not really. I actually spent the summer before my freshman year in college cramming for the legendary Bryn Mawr swim test. Fortunately I had a friend who was a lifeguard at an apartment complex that summer, so she tutored me and got me past the test. I still have vivid memories of floating in the corner of the 1904 pool that was in the basement of the 1906 gym (the original gym had burnt down and they built the new one over the old foundation), where I had floated while the 30 or so of us in that shift were doing the five-minute float on your back portion of the test. Yeah, still hear my breathing which I was trying to keep steady while dodging the splashes that were bouncing off the pool edge and back at me. While I was there the new gym opened with its gigantic pool and diving well, but we were stuck in the Katharine Hepburn special.

Lucky for me The Girl, who loves swimming and does laps at the Y, has offered to help me improve. "It's easy - just one, two, three, breathe!" Yeah, easy for her. With me it's more like one, two, thr-try to breathe but snort water instead and then cough and gasp for air. I'm fine if it's just hold my breathe and swim underwater for a bit, then come up, stop, breathe and repeat. But the whole crawl lap thing just isn't my forte.

Maybe I'll get one of those foam kickboard things, so I can just hold it in front of me and kick, with my mouth and nose safely above the fray.

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The Look of Bar Review 

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The glamorous life of law...

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Saturday, July 07, 2007

Comfy Squirrel 

Comfy Squirrel
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This squirrel just totally stretched out along our wall to enjoy the black oil sunflower seeds that I had put out to hold the cardinals' attention. Click on the pic for more details. I later (yes, he hung out for quite a while) took a better picture with the graduation cam, but who knows when I'll upload it.

UPDATE: I finally loaded my good pictures. Close-ups of our relaxed friend here, here and here. Then I saw another one of his more active friends who decided he just needed a rest for a few minutes. The second one wasn't eating from his position of leisure, just taking a brief time out. Then he popped up and resumed the usual squirrelly activities. Meanwhile, Lazy Boy just kept stretching out and chowing down.

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Barbri Hearts Me? 

Last night I was the first one to arrive at the evening barbri video lecture, and I found this warm and fuzzy message on the blackboard:

I found this disturbing, because the little heart just isn't consistent with my feelings about barbri or my feelings about their feelings for me. This response was shared by at least one of my classmates, who after placing her books on the desk and a brief discussion about it, walked up to the board and drew a big X through the heart.

Yeah, we have two more nights of barbri lectures, and less than three weeks to the exam. We're not feeling very heart-y right about now.

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Dude, It's the Law 

And you were tested on your knowledge of it, not your agreement with it. reports that a disgruntled bar candidate who failed the Massachusetts bar exam is suing the MA Board of Bar Examiners, the Supreme Judicial Court and four of the justices (no details, but I'm assuming they are the four that signed onto the ruling in the Goodridge case - Marshall, Greaney, Ireland and Cowin). The article states that he "took" the exam last November, but I'm guessing that he actually took it last summer and got his failing results in November - since that's how it works. Anyway, he refused to write anything on the essay regarding marriage equality in Massachusetts, and he is now suing on the grounds that requiring him to answer the question violated his freedom of religion and also placed an undue burden on interstate commerce.

He didn't have to endorse the law - just know it. It's the freaking law in Massachusetts, and he's applying for a license to practice that law. If he felt that strongly, he should have at least written something tangentially related to the essay question but include his arguments for why the law is wrong. But he had to demonstrate that he at least knew what the law is. At least acknowledge that a question had been asked.

And how the fuck is he planning on retaining the individual justices as defendants in his whining about failing the exam because he refused to take part? Answer the fucking question - he needed an additional 1.134 points (scaled) to pass the exam, get his license and focus his efforts on trying to amend the fricking MA constitution. With the scale system, he could have gotten that simply by stating the law and how it would be applied to the facts, with no further elaboration or anything that could be construed as an endorsement.

As far as I know, there are no religions with edicts against discussing the current state of the law - how else would they work so hard to oppose it? "You know that wrong law? The one we can't talk about? We need to change it! We need to convince people that it's wrong! How will we convince them without discussing it? Um... Well... It's just WRONG - that's how!"


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Wednesday, July 04, 2007

Pat Benatar Got It Wrong 

Hell is not for children. Hell is for bar candidates.

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Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Seating Hurdle Cleared 

I received notice of another hurdle passed on the road to bar admission - my seating assignment and information packet arrived today from the Massachusetts Board of Bar Examiners. This means that, if nothing else, I managed to complete the lengthy application without any show-stopping errors. Only 22 days remaining to the start of the big show!

Okay, back to the books.

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