Tuesday, February 05, 2008

What's Up, World 

Yeah, so I guess it's been kind of quiet here in the RSLS blogspace. Holidays, work, nasty cold - whatever. I've been hitting the hotspots of the midwest this winter - Sioux City, Iowa in January, and now I'm back in Muskegon, Michigan for three days this week.

The trip to Sioux City was really something, as we had a big snowstorm here in Massachusetts that day. Three of us were supposed to go from Boston to Minneapolis and then on to Sioux City, arriving around 4:30 in the afternoon. All morning flights from Boston were cancelled, and we were each rebooked on different flights. I went from Boston to Detroit to Minneapolis to Sioux City, arriving at 10:35 pm. One of my companions went Boston to Minneapolis and was on my flight to Sioux City. Unfortunately our third colleague was routed through Memphis and then to Omaha. Yes, in Nebraska - 90 miles from Sioux City. And he doesn't drive. So my travel partner dropped me off at my hotel (the two guys ended up at a different hotel because they booked a week after me) and, armed with my Tom Tom, headed off for the 90 mile trip to Omaha to pick up our third. They got back around three in the morning. They arrived at my hotel lobby at 8:30 to walk over to the client, though. They weren't exactly brimming with energy, but they made it. We had agreed that I wouldn't go on the trip to Omaha so that at least one of us would be moderately alert.

On other subjects - What is up with Jenny on this season's L Word? Just when we thought she couldn't get any worse after last season, this one arrives! Why is anyone still speaking with her? Except Tina, because she has to. I pegged that new assistant as a nut job from her first appearance. Ask The Girl - she'll confirm this.

Loving Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles. Can't wait for Battlestar Galactica to return next month.

Speaking of BSG, I need to share some big news: The Girl is now officially hooked on BSG and on Heroes! She's all caught up on the previous seasons and is eager for things to start rocking again. HA! I'm winning her over to the Geek Side!

Plans are underway for the annual Oscar party, and it's starting to look like the strike might be over in time. Fingers crossed, everyone! New this year - HD and surround sound to enhance the Oscar viewing experience.

Even though I spent the day in airports and on planes, The Girl and I did make it to our local polling place this morning before I headed out. I'm now sitting in my hotel room periodically refreshing the results page on Boston.com as the precincts are reporting in. I live large, I know.

We finally took our Christmas decorations down a little over a week ago. Some of our neighbors haven't yet done so.

We're going to Miami for a week in March. Hopefully before then I'll upload the pictures on my cameras...

Okay, enough catching up. I make no promises to post more often, but I'll try.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:20 PM