Monday, June 30, 2008

Trikke Day One 

Trikke Day One
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Click on the thumbnail for some entertaining footage from the first day's efforts.

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Saturday, June 28, 2008

Rokk and Roll 

The Girl and I took our new Trikkes (we got the T78 Air) out for our first time out of the garage. A couple of days ago after we assembled them we just practiced basic techniques and small movements in the garage, but today we ventured out to a parking lot.

We were headed for the parking lot of my old high school, where I learned to drive. It has a nice big, level lot - unfortunately for us, these same qualities made it perfect for the motorcycle class that was being held there. So instead we went to the next lot over, at my old middle school. It had a little bit of a slope, but we worked through it.

If you get one of these, don't get discouraged. All the instruction videos and the user forums say that it takes practice, practice, practice, and then one time you'll just hit the sweet spot and say, "Oh, now I get it!" We both hit that a few times today, and boy did we get a workout in the process. But it was so much fun. We may go out again this evening after The Girl is back from golfing.

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Monday, June 23, 2008

Shorties at the Show 

The Girl and I each measure in at five foot three. So we were quite pleased this evening when the two people who sat down in front of us at the Comcast Center (fka Tweeter Center, fka Great Woods) were an equally heighted (or perhaps less) couple. Finally, we'd be able to see a show without doing the constant back and forth head rock in order to see various parts of the stage.

Imagine our distress when the tiny couple were told they were in the wrong seats and they had to move over two. The bearers of this sad news were the true seat holders, Hagrid and Madame Maxime. Seriously - they towered over everyone else in the row by at least a head.

Nonetheless, Stevie Wonder was fantabulous.

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Saturday, June 21, 2008


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Tuesday, June 17, 2008



Sioux City 

I'm off to Sioux City, Iowa today. I've been in my favorite Terminal E food court doing work for a couple of hours now with a view of the water, but now it's time to head over to my gate. Hopefully when I get back I'll upload all the pictures from my trip to Dallas and this one, along with various other pics that are backlogged on my various cards (cell phone, PowerShot, EOS). I'm thinking about one of those Eye-Fi cards that automatically load from the card to the home computer over the home wireless, or even one of the Eye-Fi Explorers that will automatically upload to Flickr from any of the Hot Spots - though that would require walking into various McDonald's locations...).

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Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Room View, Grapevine, TX 

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I'm traveling, so of course I'm posting up one of my travel standard pictures - the view from my hotel room. We're staying at a place quite near the airport - and may I say that the Dallas-Fort Worth airport is humongous! Apparently the airport property is larger than Manhattan. The shuttle bus to the rental car area took so long I was beginning to think they were taking us to another state!

So the view from my room is across an open field, then another hotel a highway and the various restaurants and stores on the other side of the highway. One of those stores is the Bass Pro Shop Outdoor World. If I had more time here, I'm guessing I could have gotten some interesting pictures there!

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Traveling Again 

*singing* Sitting at the airport, watching all the planes go by.

Traveling to Dallas today. I like this particular terminal at Logan (Terminal E), as their food court has a Starbucks and a nice seating area right by the windows overlooking the runways and the water.

There was something going on over at the US Airways area at another terminal, with probably 15 black limos and SUV's double and triple-parked right outside. Normally the Massachusetts State Police are quite vigilant about shooing cars away from the doors, so I'm thinking some public figures were arriving.

I have my new Solio charger with me, to provide additional juice for my many gadgets. I charged it up with sunshine prior to my departure.

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Monday, June 02, 2008

First Flight 

I had my first flying lesson today! It was in a tiny little two-seater plane, and I had so much fun! I was trying it out today to see if I'd like it, and I do believe I'll be returning for more. My instructor took me all through the preflight check and then he taxied it out and took us out and up to about 3000 feet. As he was flying he was explaining how to turn and otherwise maneuver, and then he turned it over to me. I got to fly for probably 40 minutes, just learning to turn, go up, go down, spot landmarks, and other such fun. The first time I turned, it was quite a surprise as we leaned WAY over to the left and down. But it didn't take long for me to get the feel of it and soon I was able to keep it much more smooth, and eventually I even began looking somewhere other than directly at my selected landmark. It was quite difficult convincing myself that I could look up, down and all around and I wasn't going to crash.

Then he had me take us down and toward the airport. As we got close he then took over the controls and took us in. We had to fly around a few times as there was a bit of traffic on the runway, but eventually we did land.

Here's a page with some pictures of the type of plane I flew today.

And I'll have you know I had not one iota of any type of airsick symptoms. It was a blast! Tomorrow I'll be making another appointment.

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