Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Clip Issue 

Originally uploaded by RSLS
The Girl dropped me off at the Logan Express station in Framingham, and off I went to the airport. Just as I was exiting (the last person off the bus, by the way), my messenger bag that was over one shoulder suddenly swung away. I caught the handles, only to discover that the clip holding the shoulder strap to the bag had lost its little metal flippy piece. Oh no! What would I do?

Well, I was a Camp Fire Girl, and Boy Scouts aren't the only ones who are prepared. I had my sunglasses case clipped to the bag with a carabiner, so I unclipped the case and tossed it into the bag, then used the carabiner to re-attach the shoulder strap. Mission accomplished. I also found a big paper clip next to my table in the food court, so I put that in my bag in case the other clip gives out as well.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 8:43 AM