Tuesday, August 19, 2008

The Birds? 

After work I launched myself into the yard and back forty. I had to get all the leaves and sticks out of the yard (leftover from the cutting up of the felled trees) before the lawn mowing tomorrow. Once that was done, I hopped up above the wall and continued the clean up efforts in the woods. I concentrated on cutting off dead branches and culling out some of the too many saplings. A few trees had been dead for so long that I merely leaned upon them and over they went. My next foray will have to be on dragging all the forest flotsam into a new brush pile. The one we created on Sunday is already a Big Wall of Framingham, and I don't want to expand it into a Great one.

When I decided I'd had enough, I started scoping out potential spots for a woodsy sitting area. I found a nice boulder for leaning against, with a cushion of pine needles upon which to sit, so I answered the call. I rested my head back against the rock so that I was looking almost straight up (noting all the little dead branches that are totally beyond my reach), and relaxed. Until all these birds began landing on the trees above me and squawking and screeching and hopping from one branch to another. Bird Dudes! I'm the one who fills the feeders and tosses black oil sunflower seed on the ground for you!!! Chill! I thought perhaps I had inadvertently sat near a nest, but I couldn't find one. Plus it was both chickadees and titmice in the mix, so it wasn't one family pissed about my crossing into their turf.

Just as I was thinking they were going to start dive-bombing me, they apparently decided I was no fun and they moved on.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:49 PM