Sunday, August 17, 2008

Mega Yard Work 

A large portion of our lot is wooded, abutting a state park. It's nice, but a little out of control. Lots of dead trees, or live trees with lots of low dead branches that make it hard to get through. Plus two rather tall trees right above the retaining wall. The Girl has been quite concerned that a big storm will come through and knock them into the house and/or pressure the wall down. So today Middle Sister and her boyfriend came over with a chainsaw and loppers, plus I had a tree saw, and we wreaked havoc back there. You should see the brush pile. Plus we now have lots of firewood seasoning away. When you stand in the yard you can actually see into the woods, and we have a clear (well, more clear than before, at least) path to walk up into the park. There's a lovely semi-clear area that is going to be perfect for a couple of hammocks tied between trees. And - special bonus - they gave me the loppers as a gift, so I can continue my efforts. Fabulous! One drawback - my muscles are already aching. I can't imagine what I'll be in for tomorrow.

In other news - we had several cherry tomatoes from our upside down tomato garden in our omelette this morning. Yum!

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:27 PM