Thursday, August 14, 2008

Stupid Pictures? 

Yesterday a colleague needed a couple of digital photos taken to send to a client. They didn't come out very well with the camera phone, so I retrieved the Rebel from the car. Then last evening I uploaded them to flickr, and this morning went to her desk so we could download them to her computer. I told her to go to (spelling it), and then I typed RSLS in the search box, as an easy way to get to my page without going through the login. When the search results popped up, I just clicked on my user name to go to my photostream. Then, before I could say anything or navigate to the specific pictures she wanted (I uploaded a bunch of pictures last night that had been piling up in my camera), she says, "See? Now why do people post up stupid pictures like this?"

*Silent pause*

"Those are my pictures...."

Fortunately, much laughter ensued rather than any hard feelings. Let's face it, most of my pictures would seem pretty stupid if you don't know the background story. And some people would say even then...

Oh well, those people don't have to look. And you know who you are.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 5:16 PM