Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Bobblehead for the Pod 

Originally uploaded by RSLS
I came into work today to find on my desk a gift bag. Inside the gift bag (which was from my pod neighbor) was a Barack Obama bobble head doll! Yay! I opened the package and released him from his cage, then pulled the plastic tab that prevents the battery from connecting. As soon as his head started bobbling, he begin shouting, "Yes we can!"

He shouted this over and over. Even when I put him on the desk, he kept shouting. The desks aren't exactly fine furnishings, and they vibrate if someone sneezes twenty feet away. I became concerned, and looked for the off switch. Nope - I would have to reinsert the plastic or remove the battery.

The battery cover is held in place with a tiny, well-secured phillips head screw. I took my tiny Leatherman utility tool out of my bag for last week's flight. The plastic tab was impossible to reinsert. I received a phone call and had to pass him off to the gift-giving neighbor, who all but smothered the poor little bobble head to keep him quiet.

After the call, I decided I would return him to his plastic full body brace and display him on my desk while still in the box. Now he still randomly begins encouraging me (and responds well when I tap the box), but his enthusiastic voice is politely muffled by the plastic and cardboard.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 10:51 AM