Thursday, September 18, 2008

Pre-Vacation Brain Dump 

We're off for our road trip to Kitty Hawk tomorrow - yay!! We have reservations for massages on Monday, and to go hang gliding off the dunes on Wednesday. I've stocked up on Star Trek paperbacks and e-books, and Rosetta Stone is coming along with me so I can continue the Italian lessons. The Girl is still laughing about that last bit.

We saw The Women over the weekend. I laughed a lot, but rolled my eyes a lot as well. Caution - spoilers ahead. You may know that there are no men in this movie. Unfortunately, the filmmakers apparently just didn't know how to make a chick flick without having a bumbling man around to be inappropriate at charitable events, to show off supermodel girlfriends and to be overwhelmed and queezy in the delivery room. "I know!" they said. "We'll put a lesbian in there! That's the next best thing to a man, right?" Yes, sadly, Jada Pinkett Smith gets to be the surrogate man. Because that's what lesbians are, right? Her counterpart in the underdeveloped characters department is played by Debra Messing, who is the earth mom. She gets to say things like, "But you're my gay friend!" and has laugh shots where she obviously rolls her eyes when glancing at the art work at the lesbian restaurant. Because of course when it's the lesbian's turn to pick the restaurant, she picks the one that caters to upscale lesbians who enjoy groping each other during dinner. These two characters disappear when Meg Ryan and Annette Benning's characters go through their growth stage. Meg is the overextended fundraising housewife who gave up her career to keep house and raise the child while her husband did whatever, and Annette Benning is the publishing giant who sacrificed all other facets of her life to succeed. See the nice contrast? Yeah, not that hard. Anyway, it must have been too hard for them to have all the main characters develop, so Debra and Jada vanished during that segment, only to reappear for the delivery room finale. And stereotypical hijinx ensue. Also of note, in addition to only women being on screen, there were only women in the theater as well.

In tv-land, I'm a little irritated that Sarah Connor is obsessing over whether her 2007 possible radiation exposure is what caused her cancer in the previous timeline. Yes, the timeline in which she died in 2005. So how could she have died from cancer two years before the exposure? I don't know. A friend has posited that perhaps she is destined to go backwards again, and therefore she could still die in 2005. But wouldn't Cameron have already known that? She seems to feel that the jump to 2007 was a new twist. Who knows? I'll keep watching.

We're liking Fringe, although we haven't watched this week's episode yet. Yes, even The Girl watches this one! Loving Primeval and continue on the love train for Eureka, Bones and Stargate Atlantis. Can't wait for Torchwood to return. Looking forward to Sanctuary on October 3, but it's a little disconcerting to see someone else being the action chick while Amanda Tapping is the brunette, headquarters, possibly British-accented coordinator. I've heard True Blood is good, so Tivo is recording the first few episodes during vacation.

My favorite Bones moment from last season: when Bones and Cam are dressed up as Wonder Woman and Cat Woman respectively, and Bones is adamant about Wonder Woman being the superior character. When she asks Seely who's the better one and he says, "Wonder Woman," she nods vigorously and says, "I concur! Vehemently!" I'm cracking up just thinking about it.

Okay, it's just me I guess.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 6:08 PM