Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Rachel Maddow Show 

Who out there caught the first episode of Rachel Maddow's new MSNBC show last night at 9 pm eastern? If you're not raising your hand, be sure to make up for it and watch - it's on five nights each and every week. She's intelligent, snarky, bold and goes head to head with her "fake uncle, Pat Buchanan" with a smile on her face. My favorite line, although there were many contenders, came after her discussion of how she would like to ask Sarah Palin about her views on the separation of church and state - "Because church and state, unlike chocolate and peanut butter, are two great things that really don't go together."

A close runner up, in reference to the McCain campaign's statement that Palin won't do interviews until and unless the media shows her proper respect and deference: "To my mind, deference has about as much place in journalism as vertigo has in trapeze."

If you're wondering "Who's Rachel Maddow?" here's her official MSNBC bio. For the less polished view, here's an interview with Curve magazine.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:42 AM