Wednesday, September 03, 2008


A series of events has led to my finally updating my blogrolls (on the right side of the page). Gone are the formerly entertaining law school blogs which haven't had posts in the years since the blogger graduated, the blogs which have been taken down completely, and the ones that just don't interest me anymore. Hopefully with the numbers being less overwhelming (and the links actually active), they'll be easier to keep up with.

If you're a blogger whose work no longer appears but you think I should reconsider, leave a comment and I'll think about it. If you're a dear friend who has promised to resume blogging, get it in gear! And yes, NAF, I'm talking to you.

I've also removed the random samplings from My Library, as I just didn't get very far with cataloging all the shelves, and I was getting tired of seeing the same dozen or so covers. The Countdown is also updated - it had been stuck in the countdown to this year's Oscar Party, which was months ago. Now it's counting down to our Kitty Hawk vacation. If you feel anything else needs revamping, leave a comment and I'll think about it.

Speaking of comments, I found this great post on TalkLeft, on problematic commenting. Consider their policy to be my policy. I add to their policy that unsolicited and irrelevant phishing for visits to completely uninteresting sites are also subject to deletion. Or at least snarky commentary and cautions to readers. These are usually along the lines of, "Hey, I love your blog. I think you'd really find mine [link to some blog either of no interest, completely offensive to me, or one that was badly translated from another language to the point that it's nearly incomprehensible] interesting.

So what brought me to take this long overdue clean up action? Well, it goes like this:

I have a very cool Solio solar powered charger. It works great for charging the iPods and the Tom Tom, but not so hot on the cell phone and Palm. The phone I'll blame on the phone. It does charge, but only for short durations. It's not like the iPod, which I plug into the Solio for a few hours and it's totally rejuiced. But my phone has many, many shortcomings, so I'll leave that. As for the Palm, I've also been having problems with the syncing - using the same cable I've been trying to charge it with. It's finicky or slow, etc. I think a couple of years of heavy use and travel have taken their toll. So I ordered, and today received, a new syncing cable and a USB charging cable. The Solio now juices the Palm no problem. Of course then I had to test out the syncing cable - works like a charm! Syncs on the first try and it speeds right along.

Since the Palm was all synced up, I decided to check on my Avantgo settings, since I really hadn't been using it much for the last, oh, year or so. I checked all my subscriptions, deleted the ones I don't need anymore, updated the links for sites that had moved, and added some new ones. This of course included lots of back and forth and tweaking to get each one just right.

Then, since I was on a roll with testing links, I surfed over to Blogrolling to clean up that outdated mess. I ended up removing so many listings that some of my categories were no longer needed, so then I redid all the categories. A new category is for blogs related to Wills and Estates, even if only in part or peripherally. Because nothing will get me motivated in my new endeavors than a chance to have a geeky tie-in with it.

While I was checking how the blogrolls looked, I kept getting irritated at all the aforementioned book covers. Gone. And that the Countdown was a countdown to absolutely nothing. Fixed. Jott Status - no longer functional. Deleted. Netflix info - nonfunctional. Replaced with links to feeds.

Maybe someday I'll even update the FAQ. Most of the shows I list as favorites have been off the air for years. But that's for another night.

So, I hope you enjoy the fruits of my five hour distraction. Just like old times.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 11:16 PM