Saturday, October 25, 2008

Flip Mino! 

I've got a new gadget! It's a little tiny camcorder with really simple operation and easy download and software - the Flip Mino. I have the cool black version. Just push the big red button and it starts recording. Touch the up or down buttons to zoom in and out. Touch the big red button again to stop.

Flip a switch to pop out the USB plug, connect it to the computer and use the built in software to download, edit, mix, add music, etc. They also have a feature that compresses it from avi to wmv if you want to email or upload it. I stick with the avi for uploading to flickr, since it's better quality and still within my upload range.

Below is a little video in the kitchen, going from the semi-dark spice rack to the brightly lid kitchen herb garden and then down to Mischief's dining area. The mino automatically adjusts for the changing lighting conditions, and the built in microphone picks up my steps as I move around the kitchen.

Next up is a mix I made with the software, using two vids of the backyard. First is just the yard, and you can hear some of the birds in the trees. Then there's Mischief and some footage of what he's watching. I can also add music if I want, but I didn't.

I can also pull out stills from the videos. They're smallish sized, but it's a nice feature to have. Coming later this weekend - a mix of my home office redo! I'll be working on this today, and will video the progress.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 12:08 PM