Friday, October 24, 2008

Sure, NOW Space is Vital 

Now that Senator McCain is scrambling for every last vote he can scrape together, especially in Florida, he's talking a different story about funding for space-related programs. Unlike the three times during debates that he ridiculed Obama's support for a Chicago planetarium where the future astrophysicists of America would first discover their passion for science, McCain now supports increasing funds for NASA:

During a visit to Florida last week, Sen. McCain said he, too, favors an additional $2 billion in spending. Asked by a local TV station, News 13, about his broader pledge to freeze spending and whether that would affect NASA's budget, he said: "Of course not, of course not. It means we're going to move money around....Space is vital."
Sure, now that he figured out that those whacky space nuts actually create jobs, he figures it's important. I think I see his plan now - take away the planetariums and kids will pick up other interests, then no one will want a job in the space industry and they can close it down for other, more sensible industries, like deep sea oil drilling or coal mining or perhaps guiding helicopter moose hunts.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:14 AM