Thursday, October 23, 2008

Tales of Bowling 

The Girl and I have joined a candlepin bowling league for the winter, with some friends from golf. It's been quite fun, and the rust is falling away from my long-dormant bowling skills. Last night was our fourth week, and I got a 104 on my second string! Now, for those of you who have only done ten pin bowling, let me explain that candlepin is a much lower scoring game. The highest "officially sanctioned" score is a 245, as opposed to the occasional perfect 300's that come up in ten pin. Breaking 100 in candlepin is a big deal. So I was quite pleased.

What was really bizarre, though, was how I got to my 104. In this league, we each bowl five frames at a time (in my previous candlepin experience, it was always two frames). In the first half of that string, I got three spares in a row and ended up with a 71 for the half! When I sat down and saw the score, I said, "What's up with THAT?" My friends were more, "What the fuck?"

But reality came back for the second half, when I racked up a whopping 33 and the world was as it should be. But I still got a 104.

Posted by Beth Henderson at 7:09 AM